Undergrad Researchers

Zorimar Vilella Pacheco

Zorimar is in her final year at the University of Puerto Rico – Arecibo. For a summer REU project, Zorimar used chemical cues to determine if females preferred to associate with winning or losing males both before and after male competition. She is currently working on writing up her exciting results for publicaiton.

Zorimar is intriqued by how animals perceive the world through their unique sensory systems and how sensory stimuli drive behavioral adaptations. She especially enjoys workings with insects in the lab. She also enjoys hikes, nature walks, and the beach!

Austin Barlow

Austin is a fourth year biology student at UVA. A champion at scoring forked fungus beetle behaviors, Austin has watched over 150 videos this past year alone. His current project uses behavioral videos to assess how wild-caught and lab-isolated beetles differ in behavior.

 He is interested primarily in ecology and animal behavior, but is also fascinated by astronomy and loves studying musculoskeletal anatomy. He’s an outdoorsy person who loves hiking, fishing and skiing. When inside, he loves doing puzzles, both mental and physical. He also loves writing books and cooking/baking new things!

Dawson Little

Dawson is currently a second-year student at UVA majoring in Environmental Science and Biology.  He is currently working on scoring behavioral videos of wild-caught beetles to determine how selection on behaviors differs across populations.

His interests include wildlife ecology, interspecific interactions, and animal behavior. Outside of research, he enjoys playing a variety of folk and rock music.